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Del Arco Collection Art Residency

Berlin / Barcelona

DEL ARCO COLLECTION ART RESIDENCY personally invites worldwide artists to a residency program dedicated to underrepresented artists in the art institutional establishment and with the purpose of giving visibility to female, LGTBQ+ and gender no conforming artists in the contemporary art landscape.

The formal and on invite only opportunity includes an art residency of between 2-4 months

in Berlin, Germany .

The project for the residency should be based in the creation of a new body of work inspired by Berlin that will conclude with a solo show dedicated to the artist  in the exhibition space PRIOR Art Space Berlin.

The purpose of the residency is to surround the artist with a new and inspiring atmosphere, support cultural and artistic exchange, nurture experimentation and new ideas, support research and the development of new work.


Barcelona studio space


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x PRIOR Art Residency

From 7th March  2023
Solo show 24th March in PRIOR Art Space Barcelona

Born in Toronto, Canada 1993

2021 - 2022 program


x Del Arco Collection Art Residency

From 10th February to 10th May 2022 -
Solo show 29th April in PRIOR Art Space Berlin

Born in Hong Kong, 1997 (living and working in London, United Kingdom) Chan’s hologram-like work explores notions of humour and displacement. Dense with information and odd depictions of her environment, the work reflects on the artist's upbringing in Hong Kong and the experience of migration. It explores the act of locating “home” and the associated relationship with its cultural geographies. Each work is the direct result of the process of its own making, perhaps a parallax of reality through irrational conversion, and an intentional analysis of Chan’s identity, distracted by paint.

Chan describes these abstracted spaces as “stolen realities''. Her work acts as a visual archive of the mundanity of everyday life where giddy interactions and internal jokes are re-territorialised in a new space, allowing new perspectives. These “stolen realities” also ponder on the notion of the present and of the minute events of her everyday life, encouraging an appreciative perspective towards the mundane.



x Del Arco Collection Art Residency

From 12th September to 30th October 2022 -
Solo show  PRIOR Art Space Barcelona

Jinhee Kim (b.1990, Seoul, South Korea) based in Berlin and Seoul.


She graduated as Meisterschülerin with Prof. Burkhard Held from the University of Arts Berlin (UdK, 2018).and received a BFA in Painting from Hongik University, Seoul(2013).

Kim had Solo Exhibitions «How to Make a Dog» (Raum on Demand, 2021), «Carved on the Stone» (Twoffice, 2019) and group exhibitions «Curtain Call» (ThisWeekendRoom, 2022), «Voices of Love» (PRIOR Art Space Barcelona, 2022), «Snow Globe» (Whistle, 2021)

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x Del Arco Collection Art Residency
Group show  PRIOR Art Space Barcelona

Isabel Mirallas Pindado (Almería, Spain, 1993), also known as “La Ruman”.


She studied Fine Arts in Madrid and Macerata (Italy), where she developed her first personal projects and she has been working between Madrid and Italy during the last years.

In her work, pictorial in essence, she also deals with sculpture, installation and digital collage, in a style defined by the artist as "Stately Costumbrismo" or "Iberian Epiphany".

Using acrylic on wood, the artist creates what she describes as "the costumbrist paintings of the XXI century". Scenes filled with references from her childhood in Almería, some religious, alongside with famous brands and objects that can be found in traditional Spanish bars.

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