Del Arco Collection Art Residency

Berlin / Barcelona

DEL ARCO COLLECTION ART RESIDENCY personally invites worldwide artists to a residency program dedicated to underrepresented artists in the art institutional establishment and with the purpose of giving visibility to female, LGTBQ+ and gender no conforming artists in the contemporary art landscape.

The formal and on invite only opportunity includes an art residency of between 2-4 months

in Berlin, Germany .

The project for the residency should be based in the creation of a new body of work inspired by Berlin that will conclude with a solo show dedicated to the artist  in the exhibition space PRIOR Art Space Berlin.

The purpose of the residency is to surround the artist with a new and inspiring atmosphere, support cultural and artistic exchange, nurture experimentation and new ideas, support research and the development of new work.


Barcelona studio space

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Show "Strong cookie" on view at Prior Art Space Berlin from the 29thApril 2022

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Jinhee Kim
x Del Arco Art Residency

From the 16th September to the 30th October
Solo show in PRIOR Art Space Barcelona


“Following my first solo show presented here at PRIOR Art Space Barcelona, I have been contemplating different ways to hold on to the meaning of the imaginary existence of some objects. Although those imaginary objects have indeterminate shapes of being.The shape of a chocolate heart is the best example. However, I’m wondering: how can love and friendship be represented in such a way if the materiality of chocolate is itself ephemeral?

One of my sources of inspiration has been the location of my current art studio in Berlin, which was formerly one of the most important chocolate factories in Europe known as “Sarotti-Höfe”

In my works, I construct a new space using structural elements from traditional chocolate shops, such as shelves and arches. These familiar patterns turn the scene into a virtual space that can exist anywhere or nowhere.

Instead of the traditional representation of chocolate in the shape of a heart, I use the physical and tangible representation of the subjects that, for me, symbolize love, which acquire the very properties of chocolate: sculptures, fountains, melting figures..., as we can also see some architectural chocolate pillars that in turn symbolize the pillars of our lives: love, family, and friendship. Constructed of an ephemeral material, it invites us to reflect on the foundations on which we build our own lives.

Therefore, my doubts about the immateriality of the intangible are represented through the tangible symbolism of chocolate. It is ironic. Even my doubt about the symbol of a non-existent object can be a symbol itself.”

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Show "The empty Chocolate Shop" on view at Prior Art Space Barcelona from the 16th September 2022

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