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Del Arco collection started back in 2018 and is focused in supporting artists that explore female and self representation, identity manifestation, concerns of belonging and gender portrayal.

The aim of the collection is to promote Art and artists with narratives and visions on representation of Female, non binary and queer,  and every subject underrepresented in the arts in a contemporary landscape.
Duality, Body objectification, cultural belonging, gender stigmas, and self and social conflicts are some of the concepts intended to bring to the conversation.

The collector, Laura del Arco is a Catalan collector specialized in Art and Creative direction based in Shanghai, Barcelona and Berlin.
in 2019, Laura del Arco created Del Arco Studio, a creative studio focused in Art and Fashion Trend Research and Art direction.
The studio has worked in projects in Shanghai, Berlin and London.

In 2021, together with Oliver Elst, Laura Del Arco founded PRIOR Art Space Berlin, A exhibition space were to open the private collections to the public and bring to a wider audience works in the collections, to promote their artists further.

In January 2022, Laura Del Arco founded Del Arco Art Residency allowing artists representative of the focus of the collection to create a new body of work in the cities of Berlin and Barcelona.  The purpose of the residency is to surround the artist with a new and inspiring atmosphere, support cultural and artistic exchange, nurture experimentation and new ideas, support research and the development of new work.

In April 2022, Del Arco and Elst opened the second location for their Art Space Concept in Barcelona.
Artists in the collection:

Nadia Waheed, Faye Wei Wei, Vivian Greven, Bambou Gili, Sikelela Owen, Elisabeth Glaessner, Sarah Faux, Daisy Parris, Aneta Katjer, Louisa Gagliardi,, Olivia Sterling, Amanda Wall, Wynnie Mynerva, Jeanine Brito, Grace Mattingly, , Giorgio Celin... and more


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